Nocturnal Apparitions

So I had a “Travesty Tuesday” post all written and ready to go with the intention of posting it this week then I realized last night that it was Wednesday. If four day weeks back to back separated by a four day weekend don’t throw your sense of time and day for a loop, I don’t know what does. However I was heading out to a friend’s and decided to post it when I got back along with a note about my thinking it was only Tuesday.

But then our house got broken into. By ghosts. So instead of posting hilarity for my readers, I spent fifteen minutes crouched in my bathroom because it’s the only room in the house with a lock, on the phone with my parents waiting for Gordy* to come over.

Gordy has been a close friend for nearly a decade and thus is well versed in the Great Unwashed hierarchy of fears. After hearing that the door to the upstairs was wide open without my having touched it, he rushed right over.

Queue the two of us searching the entire house. Now if Roscoe and I lived in a normal apartment this wouldn’t have taken long. Regrettably we don’t. We live in a two story apartment in an 85 year old house that has always had a doctor’s office on the lower floor. We have more walk in closets than most people have fingers and toes.

Luckily our search turned up no intruders. Therefore the only logical conclusion is that my house was broken into by ghosts. This does happen occasionally, most often when Roscoe isn’t home, the last time that he was on call there was a poltergeist in the fridge.

That was a really long way of explaining why the Travesty Tuesday will now be on Friday.

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of those who are willing to drive over to my house in the middle of the night to search for the phantom of the doctor. Mostly because if his name got out everyone would be calling him and then he’d be run off his feet with women who thought they had a spook in their toaster.

3 thoughts on “Nocturnal Apparitions

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