Praise For The Great Unwashed

“A female Dave Barry!”

– Aunt Molly

“My favourite author! I love you sweetie!”


“What’s a Praise Page?”


“It’s a little sad to have a comments page that only quotes your parents and aunt. Also your Mom had no idea what you were asking.”

-An unhelpful Roscoe

“Oprah declares this the best new humour blog of 2013. Or at least that’s what she would say if Oprah read little known Canadian humour blogs.”

The Great Unwashed’s People Magazine; The How To Safely Lasso A Bellowing Frat Boy At 3 AM From Your Balcony During The First Week Of Class Edition

7 thoughts on “Praise For The Great Unwashed

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  2. The GREAT Unwashed is a fun and exciting blog! I can hear the authors voice as I read the stories and can imagine the emphasis she would give in each line. Her creative mind and the stories told are hilarious! Keep them coming! Plus, where do you get your creativity?

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