Plush Love

We’re having a love-in here at the Great Unwashed, for February, every day leading up to the mass rose genocide, I will be publishing a love letter to an important person in my life. Though this next letter isn’t technically a person, it is one of the loves of my life.

Dear Marshmallow,

I love you. Thank you for adding a little sweetness into my day. Your puffy, white shape brings joy to my heart, whether you are alone or with your good friend, hot chocolate.

There’s something about you Marshmallow, that no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, eating you harkens me back to my childhood; sitting at the breakfast table, searching around the other “healthier” parts of the cereal to find you in my bowl, or next to a campfire, making the world’s best diabetic sandwich with you, graham crackers and chocolate.

Marshmallow, beyond the lifelong memories we share, you are utterly delicious. It is one of my life’s deepest regrets that you are not sold in snack size bags. But that’s my problem, not yours Marshmallow, your yumminess simply does not allow for self-control; I would eat one of those 300g bags of you in one sitting. There’s just no stopping in the consumption of such a sumptuous snack, from that first faintly powdery moment as I place you into my mouth to the gooey spring back, when I attempt to chew, and of course there’s that taste which is unique to you, Marshmallow. I must say, you are something special, and you will always hold a special spot in my sweet-tooth’s heart.

Here’s to our sugary enduring love-Happy Valentine’s Day,

From : The Great Unwashed

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