Notice of Interruption of Service

I began the Great Unwashed with three goals in mind; to write more often, to write humour and to improve the quality of work produced. Sometimes humour is hard. That’s a lie, humour is always hard, but there are times when it is near impossible to create. However it’s still important to write. As my pseudo philosophical and trite ramblings caused my mother to pick up and drive two hours my direction, I have chosen to instead, for the time being record my day.

Though logs of one’s activities are not humour, it’s still writing. Therefore I’m meeting two of my three goals which is better than meeting none, and definitely an improvement on having family members appear on my doorstep when my fridge is empty.


2 thoughts on “Notice of Interruption of Service

  1. Can you send me your email again to my hotmail? fb doesn’t work here and I can’t remember it. barely any internet and no cell service. i can call you on the SAT phone before i fly out.

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