An Open Letter To The Neighbours: More Cooing Dammit!

I don’t usually rant, but something has been bothering me since October. It was Mini-Tex’s first Halloween, so I dutifully dressed him up, ran him over to a fellow baby friend’s house and together our families Trick or Treated for twenty or so minutes. It was an abysmal failure; virtually every house we visited missed their marks, so I’m composing a letter to improve our experience next year.

Dearest Neighbours,

Thanks you for the sugary sweets, however as evidenced by both the presence and kempt appearance of the four adults in the group, we are both old enough and organized enough to purchase our own. We weren’t there for candy, those Smarties, even if the babies both had teeth would still be a choking hazard. No, we were there so you, our fellow homeowners, could lavish attention upon our babes.

With the exception of one effusive, older woman, all of you failed miserably at the task. Although my hopes are high for each of the neighbouring properties to be sold and a pack of infant-loving, grandmotherly types to descend upon the city, the likelihood of that happening is low. I mean heck, I would have taken a woman with a cookie house who wanted to eat our children as long as she had fawned over them sufficiently first. Admittedly, my false sense of bravado and adventuring comes from the fact that we were traveling with a member of the law enforcement whose home gym resembles Jillian Michaels’.


I’d like to see the inhabitants of gingerbread homes just try to snack on this woman’s offspring. (Photo Credit :

In lieu of a sudden influx of lovely, little, old ladies, I’ve written out some instructions for next Halloween.

  1. Fling the door open before we arrive on the stoop. This aggressive show of enthusiasm will communicate the extent of your excitement.
  2. Comment about how creative the costumes are, I mean for Pete’s sake, I almost dyed socks with food colouring for this moment!
  3. Hand out one piece of candy. It’s a rite of passage and if you’ve ever struggled to make a baby into a beluga whale by putting their tiny legs into a narrow, flippered tail, you know that a person deserves chocolate afterwards.
  4. Lastly you may choose from any one of the following statements and actions:
    1. “Yours are the cutest babies in the world! I’m going to turn off the lights and take in my pumpkin as this moment is clearly the pinnacle of my Halloween.”
    2. “Hold on, I’m going to chase down the twins from next door who just visited, as you possess the most attractive and adorable children in the world, you should have their candy.”
    3. “Well, having seen the most beautiful babies in the world, my life is now complete and I can die happy.”
    4. Or you can freestyle it with a similar statement of your own- points for originality!

Hopefully this helps to clear up the confusion so we can all have an enjoyable Halloween next year.

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Neighbours: More Cooing Dammit!

  1. I was lucky, Halloween didn’t really hit these shores until very recently so we just had Guy Fawkes Night aka Bonfire Night which just involves a lot of fireworks, bonfires and sticky food! My daughter once had a Halloween evening at Brownies or Guides and went as a spider, she wore a black leotard and tights, balacalava, and made arms from old black tights stuffed with paper (with my help as it had to be done on the actual evenjng of course! She is super-organised these days but always last minute then). I drew a spider’s web on her face with a tiny spider on her nose. We were very chuffed with our efforts, especially as I was in bed with a back injury at the time!! The only other time was for my 8 year old visiting grandson whom we dressed up as a pixie with a cotton wool beard. It was the only costume we could find in our small town with one shop! Not sure he was that impressed with our efforts, but he’s a quiet, reserved type who lets everything wash over him so we got away with it!

  2. It breaks my heart that I live in a condo and kids aren’t allowed to trick or treat. I love dressing up (I was the the statue of elements this year a periodic table combined with the statue of liberty) but I love seeing the little kids more. I’m sorry this little old lady wasn’t there to ooh and aah and make a fuss over both the babies and the costumes. A belated Happy Halloween

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