Something Big (and Manly) Is Coming to The Great Unwashed

Tex wrote me a Christmas present, which is actually for you all. A while back, I talked about banking posts before the baby arrived and Tex casually mentioned that he would like a voice on my blog.

Unwashed – “Are you going to write about a$$holes? Because about half of your quotes involve them.”

Case and point: Tex waking up after a late night “I feel like a bag of crushed a$%holes.” Tex’s reaction to my suggestion that we should bleach our teeth for the wedding. “Only if we bleach our a%%holes while we’re at it.” Tex on my inability to bend enough to shave my legs “That’s why I don’t shave my a%$hole.” Tex retelling the story of my 18 week preggo rage “I was bleeding from both a%$holes.”

Based on all of that, I pictured Tex’s post to be a combination of Borat  and a John Wayne western


Exactly like this only with a Stetson. (Photo Credit

but was surprised when Tex said that he wanted to write about me. Anyways so prepare yourselves readers, you’re about to receive a firsthand account of what it’s like to live with me. Merry Christmas.

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