Where Are They Now? Toilet Babies

Everyone knows what Randy from “Home Improvement” is doing.

Well this is awkward. (Photo Credit : jillianlorraine.com)

Well this is awkward. (Photo Credit : jillianlorraine.com)

For the record he graduated from Harvard and is pursueing odds and ends style acting jobs. In general, teenage heart throbs and one hit wonders take centre stage of our peeping tom collective unconcscious, but while moving all of my toiletries from one apartment to another, I found myself questioning- “Toilet babies, where are they now?” Their beginnings are often talked about, but no one really discusses what happens afterwards. For whatever reason, I find this baffling.

Given the proliferation and love surrounding underdog stories, I would think that the success of toilet babies would be celebrated and revered, held up like some sort of example for children everywhere- “I was born in the can and now I’m astronaut, imagine what YOU can do.” Or “The John was my first crib; Vote For Me!” Yet for whatever reason, these kinds of stories never seem to come out. To me, I admire  President Roosevelt all the more because of his struggles, yet he hid the effects that polio had on him when he was in the public eye. Perhaps the toilet babies fear the judgement associated with their unusual histories. Maybe they heard the joke “Don’t throw the baby out with the toilet water” once too often? Who knows. At any rate, I’m going to try and track one down.

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