A Bright Spot in my Day

Last night the belt in my washer abruptly died in a haze of smelly smoke. This morning I called Sears to ask whether they could come fix it and maintain the dryer (which also smelled like smoke awhile ago, perhaps my appliances are in cahoots). Sears told me they’d be happy to service my dryer but in no uncertain terms to take my washer out back and shoot it. Lacking both a gun and the desire to sound the death knell for my washer, I sought a second opinion.

I found it in the form of a local company which has many positive reviews online. I called them and explained my washing difficulties. The man on the phone said that he’d like to help but he was unable to service both my appliances because my dryer uses gas and could he give me the number of a company that would fix both machines, thus saving me the cost of an extra service call?

I hadn’t realized what the phrase “salt of the earth” meant until this man patiently explained what the problems were with my individual appliances, while expecting  nothing from me in return. So today my Valentine is to him. (I also bought a reconditioned washer from his company too.)

Dear Chuck*,

You sir, are an awesome specimen of humanity; honest, caring and good. You totally made my day. And not just because you only charge thirty dollars for delivery and pick up for the old machines. Believe it or not, I understand that that price would be an amazing deal even if washers weren’t extraordinarily heavy. For the record, I’m 5’2 on a good day- everything is heavy to me.

Your commitment to your customers is something the big companies should take note of, I so appreciated that you accommodated for a twelve o’clock hair appointment when you set the delivery time. Not between nine and four o’clock, oh no; at nine o’clock, done before ten. If that isn’t love for mankind, I don’t know what is.

Keep up the fabulous work Chuck, and Happy Valentine’s Day, hopefully you have someone who cares for you, the way you care for your customers. Also thanks for not openly asking to speak to my parents or my landlord. I know I sound like I’m twelve on the phone.

Much, ironically now washed, love,

The Great Unwashed

*Names have not been changed because I’m fairly certain this is a nickname, although most of the time it’s a short form for Charlie, however along with fixing washers it’s possible that this gentleman excels at throwing things, so Chuck may not actually be his name. Also everyone should be on the lookout for this man, if you run into a Chuck the next time your oven breaks, you’ll know you’ve found a stand up character.

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