Clearly Marie Antoinette Lost The French “Let Them Eat Cake” Battle

On Tuesday nights I take a French course at the university. This week I have a test, I’m feeling prepared so I’m not worried about it. Mind you I’ve felt prepared and then done poorly on my French tests before. There are some things which just don’t translate and are therefore difficult to understand.

For example, I was writing a test on portion sizes in French and the sentence was “Yes I would like a ______ of cake” and the choices were; a can, a bite or a plate. Can was obviously wrong, I’ve eaten cake in many forms but never out of a can. This is not to say that I wouldn’t happily try cake in a can and enjoy it but I crossed that option out. That left two options. I confidently wrote down “a plate” and continued to the next section.

When I got my test back the question was marked wrong. I raised my hand “Excuse me, you mismarked this question” I said to the skinny, size zero jean wearing francophone who was my instructor. He walked over and looked at my test “No” he said “that’s right, you eat a morsel of cake”.

Yes I'll take some cake.  On a plate. The plate the cake is resting on is perfect. (Photo Credit:

Yes I’ll take some cake. On a plate. The plate the cake is resting on is perfect. There’s no need to wash extra dishes. (Photo Credit:

I looked that model-thin, French Canadian in the eye and said “Sir, you underestimate my ability to eat cake and frankly I’m not sure I want to study a language that only permits you to consume a bite of dessert.”

I stopped talking after I was docked another mark.

Regardless I stand by my serving sizes of baked goods. I’d tell you more about my clashes with bearded teaching assistants that I outweigh but I have to figure out how to can cake now. For whatever reason that idea sounds delicious, probably because it’s Fatuary.

12 thoughts on “Clearly Marie Antoinette Lost The French “Let Them Eat Cake” Battle

  1. I agree, a bite or a morsel of cake is the crumb that falls on the floor that the dog eats, not what a real person eats however it did occur to me it would be handy to have a can of cake in the cupboard……Gran

  2. If there are cupcakes and cakes on lollipop sticks, there should certainly be cans of cake. But I too would prefer a plate or platter since a morsel would just leave me wanting more.

    • Way to tell the whole internet when I was born. Just for that I’ll have to tell an embarrassing and overly personal thing about you.

      Internet, get ready. Because my mother has a butterfly tattoo on her butt.

      Mom, prepare yourself for phone calls from Gran when she finds out what you really got up to last weekend.

      Also is this better or worse than the time I announced that loudly as we were walking into your gym?

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