Star Wars, Cake and Tornadoes; Welcome to another Indistinguishable Monday

img011This picture was taken almost a decade ago. Incredible- to think I mastered the art of capturing only the backs of peoples’ heads at such a young age.

From there I went on to improve my skills of photographing only part or none of the desired subject, making every image appear as though it was taken in the center of a tornado and the all important talent of snapping the picture the instant everyone blinks.

Terribly difficult that last task. However I am the Ewok of Blink Photos. The Ewok is the hero and master of everything in “Star Wars” right?

I wouldn’t know, I’ve never actually seen the movies, I did watch half of an “Ace of Cakes” episode where they made a cake of Hans Solo encased in what I think was cement though. I’m assuming those are exactly the same thing.

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