The Great Unwashed, Now 300% More Awesome

Not really. But I did just put up a “Praise Page” so you can see what everyone has been saying about The Great Unwashed.

And by everyone I mean four people. Well two and a half really, but that’s only because Roscoe wasn’t cooperating and telling me how fabulous I was. He kept going on about how I ate the good parts of his dinner the other day.

I’m counting my mother’s comment as the half, she used a nice word in it. The fact that it was a question and didn’t relate to my writing at all is completely irrelevant.

Anyway, make sure to check out the new “Praise Page” to find out what People Magazine* said about my blog.

English: Oprah Winfrey at the White House for ...

I would hold her hand while she talked about loving me and much as her new lime green Vespa.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

*Not the People Magazine that you see in the stores at the checkout counter, the one that I made while sitting at home thinking about how much I want Oprah to love me.

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