The Issue of My Husband

So it was brought to my attention last night by Roscoe that I although I have been writing about him for eons, this was the first time he was referenced in a public place. Given his chosen profession, this could potentially create a problem. Which is completely understandable- people get very touchy about how John A. MacDonald is portrayed in Victor/Victoria style drag shows.

For all of you reading who don’t know Roscoe, that’s a joke. However talking about him or his job is a problem. So I’ve decided to deal with it in the most unorthodox manner possible. Henceforth, online I shall be divorced from my husband and intermittently marry and divorce random objects of my choosing in his place.

Problem solved.

This week I’ve chosen to be married to Roscoe an overstuffed puce ottoman. So whenever I describe my adventures or reference my husband you can picture me, cuddling up to a purplish coloured ottoman whispering sweet nothings in it’s ear like “High thread count, velour coverings, mahogany legs”.

I really feel this is an amazing solution.

And because of the reference to puce I think Granddad ought to like it too.

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