Sage Advice From Granddad

Time – 9:12 AM

Date- Christmas Morning 2012

Place – Grandparent’s House

Granddad stops me in the hall.

Granddad- You look pretty.

Me- Thank you, Roscoe actually picked this out.

Granddad- It’s very nice. You should listen to him and to Diana about what to wear. (Diana is my sister who has excellent taste in everything and chooses the majority of my clothing that I look nice in.)

I nod in agreement

Granddad- And you should wear make up more than three days a week. When you first met Roscoe he was smitten and followed you around like a puppy dog. Now he’s a handsome doctor and spends everyday surrounded by cute nurses.

So essentially Granddad feels I need to try harder. And that I occasionally look like a swamp monster, and that this may result in Roscoe divorcing me. I may have made the situation worse by telling Granddad that Roscoe gets asked out by single mothers directly after he delivers their babies.

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